Big News: Our Favorite New Rosie the Riveter Socks!

by Matilda Butler on September 3, 2017

Post #85. Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett

Below is a fun video. Take a peek at one family who shows how much fun you can have when you are wearing Rosie’s Toesies— our all-new Rosie the Riveter Socks.

If you are familiar with the “We Can Do It” poster, then you know that we only see Rosie from the waist up. However in the Norman Rockwell poster, we see the full Rosie the Riveter, including her red socks. It is the Rockwell version that has influenced the Rosie action figure and even the specifications from the Guinness World Records organization.

Now that several organizations, such as the Rosie the Riveter Trust and the Yankee Air Museum, host annual events to break the previous Guinness World Record for the most Rosies gathered in a single place, Rosie socks have become quite important. And according to sock rigor, the socks just have to be mainly red. They don’t need to be plain red, which is sort of boring. We’re sure that Rosie wasn’t boring.

That let us imagine what fun Rosie would have had with some polkadot socks. So, we put on our design hats and came up with something quite special. Yes, red background with large white, randomly placed polkadots. We took the blue of her work shirt and put it into the toes and heels of the socks along with the upper band.

But wait, that was all right but we wanted to include our special logo — a silhouette of Rosie the Riveter from the “We Can Do It!” poster along with our custom message, “We Can Do It! Pass It On!” After moving our logo from one location to another, we settled on its placement on the back of the sock. Just perfect! It doesn’t get in the way of the red and white polkadots and yet it is there proclaiming the powerful message of strength, courage, and empowerment.

At first, we agreed to make these socks for women. Then we talked about all the women who have contacted us over the years saying that they wanted Rosie costumes for their daughters as well. So we decided to also make these socks — now called ROSIE’S TOESIES — in a child’s size.

And the final decision? As we showed our designs to test panels, we had men tell us that they wanted to wear these spectacular socks. After all, they had mothers and wives and girlfriends and they wanted to show support for them. Well that request puzzled us for a bit. The size was easy. It was the message that seemed a bit off. You know, the “We Can Do It!” part. Then we found the obvious solution. We hope you agree with our decision. Our socks for men say, “She Can Do It! Pass It On!”

Interested in a pair of Rosie’s Toesies? We have just added them to our RosiesLegacyGear shop on Etsy. Here’s the link.

Want to get them at a special price? Sign up in the box to the right and get a $3 off coupon you can use when you purchase a pair. With Halloween coming, this is a “must have” accessory. Of course, you’ll want to start wearing them immediately. They are that much fun!

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