Celebrate Rosie’s Congressional Gold Medal

by Matilda Butler on December 11, 2020

We’re celebrating! Come join us.

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Did you know that Rosie the Riveter was just awarded the Congressional Gold Medal?

The day after Veterans Day, Thursday November 12, Congress passed the Rosie the Riveter Congressional Gold Medal Act. The act passed both houses and was signed into law on December 4.

Why the honor now? It takes determination and perseverance over many years to persuade Congress to award a Gold Medal. Rosie got her medal thanks to the tireless efforts of Mae Krier of Levittown, Pennsylvania

Who is Mae Krier? She’s one of the few remaining World War II Rosies. Now 94, she began promoting the need to recognize the important contribution that women made to winning WW2 back in the 1980s. And now, more than 30 years later, she gets to celebrate.

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But that’s not the end of it. Krier is now working to get March 21st designated as National Rosie the Riveter Day. Many years this date is recognized, but only with a resolution passed in each specific year. House Resolution 162 and Senate Resolution 76 need to be passed so that one day each year can be automatically designated as National Rosie the Riveter Day.

How can you help? Contact your representatives in Congress and urge them to vote for March 21 as Rosie the Riveter Day. This will permanently acknowledge and celebrate the many contributions of millions of women who helped win WW2. Rosies, who are the embodiment of strength, courage, and empowerment, are role models for women today

And in addition, Krier hopes to live to see a Rosie statue at the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

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Rosie the Riveter Congressional Gold Medal Act This bill directs the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to make appropriate arrangements for the award of a single Congressional Gold Medal to Rosie the Riveter (i.e., any female individual who held employment or volunteered in support of the war efforts during World War II), in recognition of their contributions to the United States and the inspiration they have provided to ensuing generations.

The medal shall be displayed at the National Museum of American History, which must make the medal available for display at other locations associated with Rosie the Riveter.

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