Rosie the Riveter and Halloween

by Matilda Butler on September 7, 2018

Post #92. Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett

Halloween is Coming

Halloween is in the air — or at least in all the stores. Have you noticed? I drove on 9th Avenue the other day and saw a giant black spider sitting nonchalantly atop our Goodwill Store. I walked into Michael’s to get some craft supplies and found shelves filled with metal and ceramic pumpkins and small bales of straw. And a quick trip to Costco showed me that costumes were already on hangars.

Yes, Halloween is definitely just around the spooky corner.

What will you be this Halloween? We have a suggestion for you. Consider being a Rosie the Riveter. Being Rosie is an appropriate costume for all ages. Your little daughter or granddaughter can show she’s growing into a strong, courageous, empowered woman. You can be a Rosie and remind your friends and co-workers that you are an empowered woman and you can “Rock Your Dots.”

And while we don’t have more of our Closeout Specials (see previous blog), we have an all-new Rosie Halloween Special. We even have an EARLY BIRD price on it.

This year we wanted to offer an inexpensive costume. AND it is now ready for you.


• Authentic style Rosie red and white polkadot bandana
• Rosie the Riveter’s collar button

If you want to learn more, just click here.

To make this costume super affordable, we have introduced a 22″ by 22″ polkadot bandana. It is soft and still easy to tie in 1940s retro style. In addition, this size works for both adults and children. [If you want to upgrade, our authentic sized 27″ by 27″ bandana that was mandated by the Department of the Army during World War II is also available.]

And to complete the Rosie costume accessory set, we’ve included an employment badge like the one that Rosie wore on her collar in the famous “We Can Do It!” poster. Actually, women working in factories in World War 2 all wore employment badges. We researched the one where the poster was created and have replicated it in all its details. These were photo IDs and we put Rosie’s picture in the middle. All the colors are identical to the actual ones. This button is a steel pin-back, again letting us offer you a great costume at a great price. [If you want to upgrade, we also have a collectible Rosie Employment Badge that is made of 3-dimensional metal and is hand enameled.]

We hope you’ll check out this costume accessory set. Then just add your jeans and a work shirt…you’re ready to go as Rosie the Riveter.

And by the way, the bandana is great to use all year long in your pocket, in a purse, around your neck while working in the garden, etc. And the employment badge is super cute on a backpack or purse. Most costumes have no second acts. This one can become part of your regular accessories.

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