Rosie the Riveter Bandana and Collar Button CLOSEOUT

by Matilda Butler on July 1, 2018

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Rosie the Riveter Bandana and Collar Button CLOSEOUT

Before we share news about changes that are happening here at Rosie’s Daughters, we want to let you know about a special CLOSEOUT sale on a Rosie the Riveter Bandana and Collar Button Combo.

Rosie the Riveter and all women in the 1940s were careful with their money. It was wartime and if they had extra dollars, they were urged to buy war bonds to support the troops. But what if Rosie needed a new bandana?

To the rescue…our Rosie the Riveter Bandana and Collar Button CLOSEOUT sale that lets you be careful with your money today just as Rosie was during WW2.

What’s this all about?

First, begin with Rosie’s Bandana: We are offering the last of our silk screened bandanas. They are great. Thousands of women have purchased and worn these original Rosie Legacy Gear bandanas. Like all our products, the concept and design was carefully researched right down to the random pattern of polkadots and the size of the bandana — the same official 27″ by 27″ mandated by the Department of the Army.

Second, add Rosie’s Collar Button: We researched the design for these collar buttons down to the tiniest detail. In the “We Can Do It!” poster from World War II, Rosie wore her employment badge on her collar. That’s the concept behind our Rosie button. To keep it affordable, we printed our design on a 1.25 inch button (the size of the original employment badges).

Together at our first-ever CLOSEOUT price, they are perfectly paired.

Get these Rosie the Riveter bandanas and Collar Buttons while they last…

• Outfit everyone participating in a team event, marching band, parade, school play, community function…or just about any gathering or get together where you want to show the strength, courage, and empowerment of women. They are super affordable so get as many as you need for your group.

• Or, just get one of these well-priced Rosie Bandana and Rosie Button Combos.

Either way, you’re a winner.

WHY A CLOSEOUT? If these are so great, you may wonder, why we are having a closeout sale? Good question.

These bandanas were made for us and to our specification when we thought our only option was silk screening. No existing fabric had the right random-pattern design and the typical bandana was smaller than the official size. But all of that has changed. We now have fabric dyed just for us in this same pattern so we no longer rely on silk screening. Our loss is your gain.

Here’s the math:

Rosie Bandana Originally Sold For: $20.

Rosie the Riveter Button Originally Sold For: $15.

Total: $35

We Originally Sold a COMBO OFFER For: $29.00.

You get this combo today at:

CLOSEOUT price of $8.70 (a sweet deal — that’s 70% off)


— Silk screened red and white polkadot bandana

— Modeled after the bandana in the “We Can Do It!” WWII poster. Our design.

— World War 2 regulation size of 27″ by 27″

— 100% cotton fabric made in the US; silk screened in the US


— 1.25″ Rosie the Riveter Employment Badge Button

— Modeled after the button Rosie wore each day to work

— Steel pin-back button

— Anti-glare yet high gloss, weather-resistant finish

GET YOURS TODAY…WHILE THEY LAST. Once they are gone, the silk screened Rosie the Riveter bandannas will not be replaced.

Thousands of women have worn our Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandanas and Collar Pins. We hope you’ll join these other women in declaring your strength, courage, and empowerment. And be sure to send us your photo!

On to Other News

Kendra and I are in the midst of redoing and moving this website. There may be times when the website is down (as it was two days ago) due to our construction efforts. Many of you view our website on your mobile devices and we want to better accommodate you. This website is ancient in terms of smart phones and tablets. We’ve already done enough work to see that this will not be a quick fix, but it will be an exciting change.

Please forgive the mess we may create along the way.

We’ll get out to everyone once the website change is complete. Meanwhile, I no longer have access to email through It will work in the future, but that will be at least a month. If you need to get to me, you can use my gmail account …  butler.matilda@

Thanking you in advance for your understanding.

And don’t forget, if you are interested in a Rosie Bandana and Collar Button Combo, be sure to visit THIS LINK.

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