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Our FREE ebook shares some of the recipes that Rosie the Riveter, Wendy the Welder, and many American women cooked during World War II. We created this ebook to let you participate in the simple dishes and wholesome ingredients that were the backbone of cooking during WW2. This is our way of introducing you to Rosie the Riveter and Rosie’s Daughters — the women born during WW2.

Love to cook? Rosie’s Cookbook will give you new recipes to try.

Love history? Rosie’s Cookbook will show you posters from World War II and help you see the values and attitudes from that period.

Love Rosie? Well, of course, you do. She is the perfect role model of a strong, courageous, empowered woman. And Rosie’s Cookbook will help you better imagine what she cooked when home and even what food (corn chowder?) she might have taken to work to give her nourishment during her lunch break.

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