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Authentic Rosie the Riveter Products for the Empowered Woman (of all ages).

ALL NEW: We are introducing new Rosie the Riveter products in our Etsy Rosie Gear Store.

Please Click Here to visit our store. We hope you’ll check it out as we add new products throughout the year.

SPECIAL NOTE: We will soon be announcing the opening our of STAND WITH WOMEN store on etsy. This is an outgrowth of our years of involvement in women’s issues. Although our store isn’t officially open, we are posting a few products as specials. We are currently designing new enamel pins, socks, and t-shirts. But until we can complete our work, we thought you might be interested in:

(1) A special on 4 “We Can Do It!” FEMINIST MUGS that is 60% OFF. These are fabulous to use or to give.


(2) A 25% OFF offer on our “We Can Do It!” socks. These are the ones we call Rosie’s Toesies. I don’t know how long we’ll continue this low price, so you might want to go check them out.


(3) Our retro style Rosie the Riveter AUTHENTIC PIN lets you show the world you are a strong, independent, empowered woman. In celebration of the anticipated opening of our STAND WITH WOMEN Etsy store, we are offering this pin at a new low price.

CLICK HERE TO GET THIS beautifully crafted pin at a great price.

We’ve never met a woman–young or old–who didn’t look fantastic in Rosie the Riveter Gear. That’s why we’re the Original, Authentic Rosie Gear provider-of-choice to individuals, groups, and museums across America.

Join us today in celebrating Rosie the Riveter and strong, courageous, empowered women everywhere. Simply click on any item to find out more.

  • RtR-25. WANT TO BE THE “WE CAN DO IT!” ROSIE THE RIVETER? We’ve got the best Rosie Accessory Costume Kit. Check it out! Perfect for cosplay. Great for themed parties.
  • Show the strong, courageous, empowered woman that you are at your next costume or cosplay party. This Rosie the Riveter Costume Kit is what our customers have asked for. We’ve spent years getting all the accessories just right. All you need to add is your favorite pair of jeans from your drawer and a dark blue shirt from your closet. We even include our new red and white polkadot socks–Rosie’s Toesies. You’ll look great, and you’ll feel fantastic and ready for fun.

  • RTR-26. JUST INTRODUCED Rosies Toesies
  • FUNtabulous socks showing the red and white iconic Rosie the Riveter polka dots, plus our signature logo showing the Rosie the Riveter silhouette and our motto “We Can Do It! Pass It On!” We topped off the look with a little patriotic blue–heel, toe and top. Designed by us, we’re delighted to make these available in three sizes — woman, child, man. [Note: The logo on the man's sock says, "She Can Do It! Pass It On! These are perfect for the man in your life who supports the strength, courage, and empowerment of the women in his life.]

  • RTR-1. EVER POPULAR - Authentic Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandana
  • Vintage style, red and white polka dot square bandana / headscarf, researched and designed by us to be just like the one worn in the “We Can Do It!” WW2 poster.

  • RTR-22. WILDLY POPULAR - Embossed Metal Rosie’s Employment Badge Collar Pin
  • All New! Historically accurate edition of Rosie the Riveter’s Employment Badge Collar Pin. All Rosies had to wear an employment badge while at work. Ours is modeled after those worn by the real Rosies at the Westinghouse Electric Service factory where the original “We Can Do It!” poster hung in 1943. No one else offers an authentic, retro style Rosie the Riveter pin like this. It is fun to wear it on your shirt collar, on a sweater, a vest, a jacket. We wear ours all the time. It is a great conversation starter.

  • RTR-3. Rosie the Riveter Poster (Two Sides for More Fun) Original Rosie the Riveter Poster AND DIY Rosie Portrait Poster
  • ROSIE THE RIVETER PRINT Side 1: Frameable “We Can Do It” poster. Side 2: Rosie removed, so strike your best DIY Rosie pose for photos and parties.

  • RTR-5. Poster/Bandana/Employment Badge COMBO — Save Big
  • Three Rosie the Riveter must-have accessories: (1) 2-Sided “We Can Do It!” Poster (2) Rosie red and white polka dot bandana
    (3) Rosie Employment Badge/Collar Pin

  • RTR-6. Rosie’s Bandana and Employment Badge/Collar Pin [Our BASIC Combo]
  • Two perfect Rosie the Riveter accessories that will become every-day favorites. Wear our historically accurate, retro-style, Bandana and Employment Badge/Collar Pin
    … and SAVE $5

  • RTR-7. Save HUGE on “Riveting” LIMITED TIME COMBO: Bandana, Employment Badge/Collar Pin, Polka Dot Bag and Real Rivets

  • Our Riveting Combo includes an authentic (27 x 27) red and white polka dot bandana, Rosie’s employment badge collar pin, and a red and white polkadot organza bag with real rivets.

  • RTR-8. ALL NEW (AND FUN)! Rosie the Riveter Temporary Tattoos

  • Two Fun Full Color Rosie the Riveter temporary tattoos. One shows Rosie the Riveter with stars in the background and the motto “I Can Do It” (3″ x 4″). The second tat shows our signature logo (just like on our bandanas) … Rosie’s silhouette on a red background with our motto, “We Can Do It…Pass It On” (1.5″ x 2.5″). Colors are bright. Application is easy (instructions included). These tattoos are durable (usually 5 to 7 days).

  • RTR-9. Rosie’s Rivets in Polka Dot Bag

  • Includes 3″x4″ red and white polka dot organza drawstring bag
    with a small handful of real machinist rivets (we’ve made our own mix of various sizes and grab a handful for each order). Can’t you just imagine that Rosie put a few in her pocket while at work? Maybe a damaged one, or couple to have for the next seam she needs to rivet? In any event, you’ll have fun with these.

  • RTR-16. The Award-Winning Book that Started It All: Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, Second Edition
  • Rosie’s Daughters, four-time award-winning breakthrough collective memoir about the generation of women that broke through centuries of limitations to take their place in the world.

  • RTR-17. Rosie Bandana for Your Dog AND Dog Dish Diet, the Award-winning Book for Your Dog’s Health.

  • Get the award-winning book: Dog Dish Diet: Sensible Nutrition for Your Dog’s Health AND a red and white polka dot bandana for your dog, or just get the book. Either way, your dog will thank you.

  • RTR-18. Rosie’s Legacy MUG, Red and White Polka Dots, Of Course.
  • Rosie the Riveter, the embodiment of the We Can Do It! attitude, would have loved this red and white polkadot mug modeled after her iconic bandana.

  • RTR-19. Environmentally Friendly Rosie the Riveter Cloth Gift Wraps
  • Protect the environment. Use Rosie Bandanas as an eco-friendly, re-usable gift wrap. Holiday “green” wrapping with Rosie the Riveter bandanas will become a family tradition.

  • RTR-20. Rosie the Riveter Bandana, Rosie’s Employment Badge, and Rosie the Riveter’s Mug. An All New COMBO.
  • Combine a Rosie the Riveter Bandana, her Employment Badge/Collar Pin, and a unique red-and-white polka-dot “We Can Do It!” mug, and you have a great combo that saves you $$$.

  • RTR-27. “We Can Do It!” Bandana and 2 Rosie Temporary Tattoos.
  • “We Can Do It!” is the World War II poster that inspired our authentic, retro style, Rosie the Riveter bandana or headscarf. Temporary Rosie tattoos an added fun touch.

  • RTR-28. Never before offered. ULTIMATE “We Can Do It!” Party Pack. Includes 1 two-sided poster (24″ x 36″) and 10 individually antiqued Rosie Collar Pins.

    “WE CAN DO IT!” Party Pack. 2-sided 24 x 36 poster with a DIY Side (minus Rosie) and an iconic Rosie the Riveter Side. Plus 10 antiqued Rosie Collar Pins.

Rosie the Riveter's Bandana With Mug -