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12 Authentic Rosie the Riveter Products for the Empowered Woman (of all ages).

Check out our Exclusive Rosie the Riveter Temporary TATTOOS (RTR-12): Rosie Tattoos express your strength, independence, and empowerment. And yes, women did get tattoos during WWII.

Be sure to look at RTR-11: Rosie the Riveter After Work. This is an all-new gift product that is perfect for those times when you or a friend wants to dress up your hair. We call this gift product our “Rosie the Riveter After Work” because Rosie wasn’t all work and no play. This is a great accessory in our new HairLoom product line. This makes the perfect gift for yourself or other empowered women you cherish. Share the fun.

  • RTR-1. DIY Rosie: The Ultimate Rosie the Riveter Legacy Portrait Kit
  • RTR-2. DIY Rosie Portrait Poster
  • RTR-3 Rosie’s Bandana and Employment Badge Collar Pin COMBO
  • RTR-4. MOST POPULAR - Rosie’s Employment Badge Collar Pin
  • RTR-5. Rosie’s Employment Badge as Zipper Pull
  • RTR-6. EVER POPULAR - Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandana
  • RTR-7. AWARD-WINNING Second Edition Rosie’s Daughters - Collective Memoir
  • RTR-8. Rosie’s Rivets in Polka Dot Bag
  • RTR-9. Save HUGE on “Riveting” LIMITED TIME COMBO: Bandana, Collar Pin, Bag and Rivets
  • RTR-10. Save BIG on Poster/Bandana/Collar Pin COMBO
  • RTR-11. Rosie the Riveter After Work. “The Bette” HairLoom and employment badge zipper pull–a great gift basket for you and/or your friends
  • RTR-12. ALL NEW (AND FUN)! Rosie the Riveter Temporary Tattoos

RTR-1. DIY Rosie: The Ultimate Rosie the Riveter Legacy Portrait Kit

Internet Special: $44.95 /$49.95

DIY ROSIE: This is the ultimate in Rosie the Riveter Gear. Last year, we got photos from our customers showing them “Doing the Rosie” in front of handmade posters. It was clear they wanted to pose just like the real Rosie. We decided to help out. We copied the original J. Howard Miller illustration, right down to Miller’s signature, but without Rosie’s portrait in the center. Now generations of women can make their own Rosie portrait.

Show everyone you are an empowered woman and believe in the “We Can Do It!” motto.

But that’s not all. This is the Ultimate Rosie the Riveter Legacy Portrait Kit because it includes everything an Aspiring Rosie needs (except work clothes and shoes). Here’s what she gets:

  • Rosie “We Can Do It!” Portrait Background Poster (24″ x 36″)
  • Original Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandana (27″ x 27″)
  • Rosie the Riveter Employment Badge Collar Pin
  • Rosie the Riveter Employment Badge Zipper Pull
  • Rosie’s Rivets and Polka-Dot Bag (pretty organza bag filled with real metal rivets)
  • Rosie the Riveter Legacy Cookbook (recipes popular during the war years)
  • Rosie’s War Ration Book (because Rosie never left home without hers)
  • Red and white polka dot, heavy-duty cardboard mailing tube and polka dot shipping label (making this a great gift for a mother, daughter, granddaughter or dear friend)

NEWS: Our Rosie poster now comes in two versions — a one-sided version that we call the DIY Rosie OR a two-sided version with the original poster on one side and the DIY Rosie on the other. At checkout, it is easy to choose the version you want. [$44.95 for The Ultimate DIY Rosie Kit with 1-sided DIY Rosie poster; $49.95 for The Ultimate DIY Rosie Kit with 2-sided poster]

Our friend "Rosie Raven" posing in front of our poster

One customer has told us about her upcoming party to celebrate women and courage. Each guest gets a Rosie bandana plus Rosie collar/employment pin and will stand in front of the poster to have her photo taken. How will you use yours? Host your own party. Share with your daughter’s school. Hang it in a dorm room. Organize a business women’s meeting with the theme of women and empowerment. Give this as a holiday gift or a birthday gift or a Mother’s Day gift or a BFF gift.

RTR-1. DIY Rosie: The Ultimate Rosie the Riveter Legacy Portrait Kit

Internet Special: $44.95 - $49.95

RTR-2. DIY - You the Riveter — Rosie’s Portrait Poster

Internet Special: $19.95 /$24.95

While our DIY Rosie: The Ultimate Rosie the Riveter Legacy Portrait Kit has everything you need to be a Rosie (except the work clothes and shoes), you may have already purchased an authentic Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandana and Rosie Employment Badge/Collar Pin and just want the DIY Rosie’s Portrait Poster. If so, this is the item for you.

Grab your Rosie Legacy Bandana and tie it on. Add your Rosie Employment Badge to your right collar. Now strike the Rosie pose and take your picture. It’s You the Riveter. The poster is also great for a party — get attendees to have their picture taken standing in front of it.

Suddenly, a whole new generation of Rosie the Riveters — women of strength, courage and empowerment.

NEWS: Our Rosie poster now comes in two versions — a one-sided version that we call the DIY Rosie [$19.95] OR a two-sided version with the original poster on one side and the DIY Rosie on the other [$24.95]. At checkout, it is easy to choose the version you want.

Internet Special: $19.95 / $24.95

RTR-3. Rosie the Riveter’s Bandana and Employment Badge Collar Pin COMBO

Internet Special: $29.95 (List Price: $32)

Our Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandana and Employment Badge Collar Pin are originals with us — So many women told us that they didn’t want JUST the bandana or JUST the collar pin, they wanted BOTH. So we decided to create a special COMBO and SAVE you money. .

We’ve been selling our big (27” x 27”) red-and-white polka dot bandana for several years now. And last year–after numerous requests from our customers–we added Rosie’s employment badge collar pin. Women asked…we listened. The fact is, it’s virtually impossible to find an original collar pin from the 1940s. But there are pictures. And we worked from an authentic pin from the factory where Geraldine Doyle (the original “We Can Do It!” model) worked.

Women young, old and in between love Rosie the Riveter. She’s the most recognizable symbol of the strong, empowered women we admire. Rosie’s most enduring icon is her red-and-white polka dot bandana. But you can’t buy one that duplicate’s “We Can Do It!” Rosie’s any place…UNTIL NOW.

As the authors of the collective memoir Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story, we’ve been studying Rosie and her accessories for years. And we’ve worked hard to create the most authentic accessories available and have them manufactured to our specifications…just for us. Now you too can own the ORIGINAL ROSIE THE RIVETER LEGACY BANDANA. This is our Limited Edition V (I, II, III AND IV sold out quickly), and it’s VERY special.

Combined with our Rosie the Riveter Employment Badge Collar Pin, you’ll have just what you need to remind yourself to be strong and have courage. Or give this Rosie the Riveter combo as a gift to your best friend, or a teacher, or family member, or just about anyone female you admire for her strength and courage.

Get your ROSIE THE RIVETER BANDANA AND EMPLOYMENT BADGE COMBO now. As with all our products, we usually ship within 24 hours.

Internet Special: $29.95 (List Price: $32)

RTR-4. Rosie the Riveter’s Authentic Collar Pin - Employment Badge

Internet Special: $15 (List Price: $17)

rosie the riveter collar pin, rosie the riveter employment badge, rosie the riveter bandana, rosie the riveter scarf, rosie the riveter red and white polka dot bandanaYou asked for it and now we offer the only authentic Rosie the Riveter collar pin, which is her employment badge.

Customers have asked us over the years. “Where can I get Rosie’s collar pin to wear with my Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandana?” We tried to help them out by searching for it. Sure, it’s easy to find a pin showing the poster, but that’s not what Rosie is wearing in the iconic Rosie the Riveter “We Can Do It!” poster. She has her employment badge on and she is posed to have her picture made.

And still the requests came in. We finally decided to tackle the design and manufacturing issue. AND WE’RE PLEASED TO OFFER YOU THE ONLY AUTHENTIC ROSIE THE RIVETER EMPLOYMENT BADGE — and it’s manufactured in the USA.

We did a lot of research. We purchased a 24 x 36 Rosie poster from the National Archives. That gave us a close-up look at what the artist, J. Howard Miller, had drawn on Rosie’s collar. You see, if you worked in a wartime factory or plant, you had to wear your employment badge at all times. These badges showed your photo, your employee number, and the name of the company. Miller worked at Westinghouse Electric Service when he drew the now iconic poster so he drew a badge on Rosie’s collar that showed her face and the name of the company.

That was the starting place for our Rosie the Riveter collar pin. Then we did the research to find any actual employment badges from that period for Westinghouse. We found one and that gave us the additional details we needed to make this authentic. You see, the companies asked women to turn in their badges when they returned home after the war and the badges were destroyed. Fortunately, a few women kept them.

So we took the Rosie image — well just her head and collar since that’s all that would have been on her employment badge, and put it into a pin that echoes the original ones worn by women working during World War II. AND, one last detail. We removed from Rosie’s image the pin that shows on her collar. After all, in the photo taken for her employment badge, she wouldn’t already have on an employment badge. Those are the kinds of details that enable us to offer such a special, authentic ROSIE THE RIVETER PIN / EMPLOYMENT BADGE.

AND ONE LAST POINT. For a couple of years, we put off creating a Rosie the Riveter pin because we thought a paper image inside plastic just wouldn’t look real — after all most of the employment badges were metal. Then we found an American company that could print on clear mylar over metal. Ah, the perfect answer.

But that’s not all. We created slightly smaller zipper pulls. They are as cute as can be. See description below.

Get your ROSIE THE RIVETER PIN - EMPLOYMENT BADGE now. As with all our products, we usually ship within 24 hours.

Internet Special: $15 (List Price: $17)

RTR-5. Rosie the Riveter’s Authentic Collar Pin - Employment Badge as a ZIPPER PULL

Internet Special: $15 (List Price: $17)

Rosie the Riveter pin zipper pull, Rosie the Riveter collar pin, Rosie the Riveter employment badge, Rosie the Riveter ID pin, Rosie the Riveter, Rosie the RIveter red and white polka dot bandana, Rosie the Riveter red and white polka dot scarfOnce we had the only authentic Rosie the Riveter collar pin, which is her employment badge, we kind of fell in love with it. The look is just perfect. We started wearing ours on our collars every place we went. It started some great conversations in Starbucks, Peets, grocery store lines, and local restaurants.

Of course, winter came and our wonderful authentic Rosie the Riveter pin was hidden beneath our raincoats and jackets. Then, we realized we could make our Rosie the Riveter employment pin into a zipper pull. It’s a little smaller and just perfect to add to the zippers on your jackets and vests. We wear them on all of ours. Carry a backpack? It’s great to attach one of our Rosie the Riveter zipper pulls to it. Or attach it to your purse. Our male friends even attach them to their fanny packs.

So now we’ve got you covered. Wear the AUTHENTIC ROSIE THE RIVETER PIN - EMPLOYMENT BADGE on your collar (see above) or on your zippers. They’re inexpensive, fun to wear, as cute as can be, and make great gifts for friends, family, and office co-workers. Help us get the word out. There is nothing else like this available.

Get your ROSIE THE RIVETER ZIPPER PULL now. As with all our products, we usually ship within 24 hours.

Internet Special: $15 (List Price: $17)

RTR-6. Rosie the Riveter Bandana Limited Edition V

Internet Special: $20.00 (List Price: $22.95)

Get the Empowered Look for Yourself, Your Daughter, Your Mother, Your Friend, or Your Co-Worker.

We’ve always felt our bandana makes a statement and serves as the perfect symbol of women’s empowerment. Our customers agree. Use our red-and-white polka dot bandana (or scarf) as the perfect power accessory at work and at play.

Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandanas/Scarves are great to purchase for yourself and make perfect gifts for friends and family. Let the recipient know you think she is an empowered woman and that you admire her strength and courage. Now 100% cotton and softer than ever.

If you want the official look, you’ve come to the right place because no one else offers a true Rosie the Riveter bandana. Our bandana is a generous 27 x 27 inches so you can tie it just like Rosie the Riveter did. You also get more white polka dots — large ones just like Rosie wore — and in a random pattern. We studied her bandana to make sure we were offering you an authentic look.

After releasing our very first bandana, we changed the design to give you more options. We moved our official Rosie the Riveter icon to the corner. This way you can fold it to show her, or turn it the other way and just have polka dots. But the size is the biggest change this time. We searched a long time to find a manufacturer that could give us the generous 27-square-inch size that allows you to tie it around your head just like Rosie did with enough fabric left to give you the two ample ends in front. The larger size also makes it a pleasure to wear around your neck.

Share Rosie the Riveter’s legacy by wearing and giving this red and white polka dot bandana — designed by us — to represent the combined legacy of Rosie and Rosie’s Daughters. Their motto is “We Can Do It.” Let’s work together to pass on that legacy. Wear the bandana yourself. Give one to a daughter, a granddaughter, or share with your friends.

Order now while we have a large number in stock. This is our Limited Edition V (I, II, III. and IV sold out quickly), and it’s VERY special. Our new bandana is a generous (HUGE) 27 x 27 inches so you can tie it just like Rosie the Riveter did. This is the same size mandated by the Army Ordnance Department during World War II for women ordnance workers (WOW).

What makes Limited Edition V special? Each Limited Edition bandana (scarf) has been unique. These Rosie the Riveter Legacy Bandanas are made of fabric dyed just for us. — using our design that is patterned from the original Rosie the Riveter poster. This means they are ultra soft — perfect for wearing on your head or around your neck or even dangling out of your back pocket.

And in case you’re wondering, these bandanas are 100% cotton, soft, very pliable and easy to tie.

Internet Special: $20.00 (List Price: $22.95)

RTR-7 Rosie’s Daughters Book, Second Edition [Autographed Copy]

Internet Special: $20 (List Price: $21.95)

Meet Rosie’s Daughters…

The breakthrough book about the generation of women that broke through centuries of limitations to take their place in the world. They were born during World War II and came of age in the 60s… both shaped by and an influencer of their times. These precursors of the Baby Boomers achieved more “firsts” than any group of women before or since, earning them the name of “First Woman To” Generation.

Rosie’s Daughters heralds Rosie the Riveter as the icon for our mothers who built ships, flew bombers and filled thousands of other essential wartime jobs, upending traditional views of “womens’s work.” When the war was over, however, American industry thanked Rosie and sent her home.

Rosie’s Daughters flung wide the doors of employment opportunity that Rosie had unlocked. Their stories show how the post-war education boom, sexual revolution, civil rights and gender equality, the Vietnam War, consciousness raising, Roe V. Wade, no-fault divorce and other events influenced their lives and shapes their journeys.

Authors Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett have rewritten the rules for book design. They push beyond conventional format to give the first-person stories of the more than 100 women interviewed a multi-dimensional context within the historical narrative that spans six decades of change–social, cultural, economic and political. It’s a feast for mind and eye.

The result is Rosie’s Daughters, an inspiring read that is informative and entertaining.

Internet Special: $20 (List Price: $21.95)

RTR-8. Rosie’s Rivets in Red and White Polka Dot Bag

Internet Special: $15 (List Price: $17.00)

Rosie worked hard. Working with rivets was her job and she did it well. We’re not sure she carried them around with her, but it certainly is fun to carry these real rivets in a cute red and white polka dot draw-string bag.

When you dress as Rosie, we’re sure you’ll want your own bag of rivets. Having a party? These are perfect favors — a symbol of Rosie’s strength, courage, and empowerment.

Each bag includes real rivets.

Internet Special: $15 (List Price: $17.00)

RTR-9 RIVETING COMBO — This is a LIMITED-TIME OFFER!! A $50.00 value just $39.97…so we can’t do it for long.

Internet RIVETING COMBO Special: $39.97 (List Price: $50)

Buy Right Now and SAVE on this Limited-Time RIVETING COMBO: Includes our:
– Authentic Legacy Rosie the Riveter bandana (WWII vintage style of the 1940s) ($20 value),
– Historically Authentic Rosie Employment Collar Pin (based on the one original Rosie the Riveter model Geraldine Doyle would have worn) ($15 value),
– Red-and-white polka dot organza bag with real machinist rivets ($15 value).

All three items for just $39.97 — limited time combo.

This is a fun COMBO. We call it our Riveting Combo, which lets you couple our vintage-style Rosie bandana with our exclusive, authentic employment badge collar pin and rivets to put in your pocket or carry in your purse.

You can read the Bandana, Employment Pin, Red & White Polka Dot Bag with Rivets descriptions on this site for all the details and learn why this is such a special item.
- All items are carefully researched for historical accuracy.
- Together these accessories can be work at work or at play.

PLUS, you can wear your Rosie Employment Collar Pin on your backpack, blouse, jacket, purse or anything. It’s your way to show your appreciation of Rosie the Riveter every day. Tell the world you’re a strong, empowered woman.

Internet RIVETING COMBO Special: $39.97 (List Price: $50)

RTR-10 DIY Poster/Bandana/Collar Pin COMBO

Internet DIY POSTER/BANDANA/COLLAR PIN COMBO Special: $34.95 (List Price: $54.95) (or $39.95 if 2-sided poster with List Price: $59.95)

When it comes to Rosie the Riveter gear, we like to deliver what our customers want. We’ve been asked to combine our “We Can Do It!” DIY poster with our Rosie the Riveter Legacy bandana and our historically authentic employment badge collar pin.

So here it is. A $54.95 VALUE (if you bought items separately) for just $34.95 (or $39.95 if 2-sided poster)

Carefully researched. Historically accurate. Vintage styles. Perfect combination for the Rosie the Riveter in you. You get three key elements: Rosie poster (DIY one-sided that is perfect for posing OR two-sided with the original Rosie poster on one side and DIY poster on the other), Rosie the Riveter Bandana (perfect for wearing around your neck or peeking out of your purse as well as on your head), and our exclusive Employment Badge collar pin (perfect for collars, backpacks, purses).

You can read about all our unique products in our Rosies Legacy Gear shop. This special combo is to accommodate our customers who didn’t need all the additional items in our Ultimate DIY Rosie Portrait Kit.

Your wish is our command.

Internet DIY POSTER/BANDANA/COLLAR PIN COMBO Special: $34.95 (or $39.95 if 2-sided poster) (List Price: $54.95)

RTR-11. Rosie the Riveter After Work — Limited-Time Introductory Offer: A $34.95 value just $29.95…so we can’t do it for long.

Internet ROSIE THE RIVETER AFTER WORK Special: $29.95 (List Price: $34.95)

For a LIMITED TIME, we are pairing “The Bette HairLoom with our Rosie the Riveter employment badge zipper pull. These two items look classically attractive while making your statement about Rosie’s singular legacy for women.

Rosie the Riveter Hair BowHERE’S WHAT YOU GET!

A Priority shipment packaged as a gift for you or a special woman in your life. It includes:

  • “The Bette” HairLoom–a stylish red-and-white polka dot grosgrain ribbon accented with Rosie’s employment badge to dress your hair. A $19.95 value.

  • Rosie the Riveter Employment Pin as Zipper Pull

  • Rosie the Riveter’s employment collar badge transformed into a zipper pull you can wear on a jacket, vest, purse or backpack. It’s presented in the cutest little red-and-white polka dot box. A $15 value.

  • Purchased separately, you’d spend $34.95. BUT FOR A LIMITED TIME, you get BOTH “The Bette,” — our fun, new HairLoom — and Rosie’s zipper pull, packaged as a festive gift, for just $29.95.

    PLUS, you can have “The Bette” with your choice of fastener:
    - French Barrette (easy to use to adorn a ponytail or control those peekaboo bangs)
    - Fabric Covered Elastic Hair Band (easy to use and perfect for controlling your ponytail)
    - Make your choice during checkout

    Rosie the Riveter Hair bow, HairLoomWe think Rosie would have loved having these to wear on the homefront after a long day on the assembly line producing the planes, ships, jeeps, tanks and ammunition that gave the Allies victory in World War II. She might have worn them to the movies, an evening at the Hollywood Canteen or an afternoon tea dance.

    Entertainment was part of Rosie’s life after work. The music of Glenn Miller was big throughout the war years, and movies were HUGE. We named this HairLoom “The Bette” because in 1942, Bette Davis was at the top of her career. And together with John Garfield and Jules Stein, she established the Hollywood Canteen to entertain service men and women. The Canteen opened on October 3, 1942, and remained open until Thanksgiving Day November 22, 1945. We owe a special thanks to Bette Davis for this Canteen.





    When it comes to 1940s-era strong, independent actresses, they didn’t come any more formidable than Bette Davis. Although just 34 years old in 1942, her place in Hollywood history was well established. She was at the peak of her productivity, making three and four movies a year. And her dedication to hard work, willingness to fight the studios for good female roles, term as the first female president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and dedication to the war effort makes her the perfect namesake for our most popular Rosie Ribbon.




    There was entertainment. Most particularly, movies and dancing. And Rosie would have wanted to look her best after a day in jeans or coveralls. Hats, ribbons, scarves and bandanas were big throughout the 1940s. At work, Rosie wore her iconic red-and-white polka dot bandana to keep her hair both clean and safe from factory machinery. After work, she would have wanted a pretty ribbon. Look at the photographs from the era. Women dressed their hair for all occasions. Our Rosie the Riveter HairLoom Collection honors that tradition…with a twist.


    We wanted to honor Rosie in a special way by carrying on the theme of her red-and-white polka dot bandana and collar pin. We created “The Bette” to honor Bette Davis’ career…and her many contributions on and off the screen. This is an iconic HairLoom for an icon of stage and screen.

    Rosie the Riveter Accessory, Hair Bow, Employment BadgeWe’re always thinking of others and how we can show our friendship. Our Rosie After Work makes a stylish gift. But don’t forget yourself. You will have a unique hair accessory that everyone will notice.

    Internet ROSIE THE RIVETER AFTER WORK Special: $29.95 (List Price: $34.95)

    RTR-12. Rosie the Riveter TEMPORARY TATTOOS. Get the pair–2 styles. Just $9.00…or select another item of Rosie gear that includes tattoos…FREE.


    Tattoos, Temporary Tattoos, are hot! Get your’s now.

    Rosie the Riveter Tattoos Are:

    • Easy to Apply
    • FDA-approved Inks
    • Durable and Easy to Remove
    • Bright Colors

    Rosie \"I Can Do It!\" 3\" x 4\"

    American servicemen were not the only people to get tattoos during World War II. Women wanted to show their patriotism and support for their husbands, boyfriends, and brothers on the front lines. There were even a few female tattoo artists at the time.

    Rosie the Riveter Gear has created 2 styles for you:

    • Rosie with Stars: Full Color (3″ x 4″)
    • Rosie Red Silhouette: Rosie Bandana Red with White Silhouette (1.5″ x 2.5″)

    You Get Both!!

    PLUS, we have several special offers in our Etsy Rosie Legacy Gear shop. Check out the options: We have tattoo discounts with our bandana, pin, and bandana/pin combo products. And you get complimentary tattoos includes with our DIY kit and Poster/Bandana/Pin combo.

    Show off your Rosie Pride.