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14 Authentic Rosie the Riveter Products for the Empowered Woman (of all ages).

ALL NEW: Each month we are featuring one of our Rosie the Riveter products with a special sale in our Etsy Rosie Gear Store. Please Click Here to see which product is currently on sale. [Just look for the words "BIG SALE" next to the item.]

[NOTE: The Rosie the Riveter Trust has just announced their upcoming Home Front Festival and Rosie Rally on August 12, 2017 in Richmond, California. Congratulations. They are hoping to beat their own Guinness Record for "The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Rosie the Riveter." These events are always special. If you are able to participate, you'll need a Rosie the Riveter red and white polkadot bandana. Here's the link to our historically accurate, Rosie's Legacy Bandana. We have plenty in stock so that you and your friends can all participate.]

We’ve never met a woman–young or old–who didn’t look fantastic in Rosie the Riveter Gear. That’s why we’re the Original, Authentic Rosie Gear provider-of-choice to individuals, groups, and museums across America.

Join us today in celebrating Rosie the Riveter and strong, courageous, empowered women everywhere. Simply click on any item to find out more.

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