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Meet Rosie’s Daughters…

The breakthrough book about the generation of women that broke through centuries of limitations to take their place in the world. They were born during World War II and came of age in the 60s… both shaped by and an influencer of their times. These precursors of the Baby Boomers achieved more “firsts” than any group of women before or since, earning them the name of “First Woman To” Generation.

Rosie’s Daughters heralds Rosie the Riveter as the icon for our mothers who built ships, flew bombers and filled thousands of other essential wartime jobs, upending traditional views of “womens’s work.” When the war was over, however, American industry thanked Rosie and sent her home.

Rosie’s Daughters flung wide the doors of employment opportunity that Rosie had unlocked. Their stories show how the post-war education boom, sexual revolution, civil rights and gender equality, the Vietnam War, consciousness raising, Roe V. Wade, no-fault divorce and other events influenced their lives and shapes their journeys.

Authors Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett have rewritten the rules for book design. They push beyond conventional format to give the first-person stories of the more than 100 women interviewed a multi-dimensional context within the historical narrative that spans six decades of change- social, cultural, economic and political. It’s a feast for mind and eye.

The result is Rosie’s Daughters, an inspiring read that is informative and entertaining.

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