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Rosie Gets a Tattoo; You Can Do It…Too! — Rosie’s Daughters

Rosie Gets a Tattoo; You Can Do It…Too!

by kendra on October 9, 2014

Post #65 - Rosie’s Daughters: The “First Woman To” Generation Tells Its Story by Matilda Butler and Kendra Bonnett

Get your free Rosie the Riveter temporary tattoos while supplies last! Read on to find out how.

When we think about WWII and tattoos, this is what typically comes to mind:

But tattoos are not for men only…even in the 1940s…even in 1840s, for that matter. And especially these days when tattoos–permanent and temporary–are all the fashion.

And now Rosie the Riveter Legacy Gear has updated the tattoo look for 2014…with temporary tattoos that are fun, easy to apply, durable, and easy to remove. And all the inks are FDA-approved. Picture this. It’s our favorite, iconic, symbol of women’s strength, independence, and empowerment sporting her own tattoo:

Or this…Matilda showing off one of our new temporary tattoos. And because it’s temporary, she was all smiles during the application:

Matilda and I had fun sharing our tattoo designs with our Rosie alumnae…women who have purchased Rosie the Riveter Legacy Gear for Halloweens past. And then we received a fun reply from Wendy. She sent a photo of her own Rosie tattoo…the permanent kind…and invited us to share it with you. Here’s Wendy’s fabulous “empowered” arm:

Now, for a very limited time…

We’re offering a special opportunity for you to get your own “painless” temporary Rosie tattoos…in plenty of time to complete your Halloween costume. Visit our Etsy Rosie Legacy Gear shop and order any item, and you can save $5 and receive a pair of our exclusive Rosie tattoos as our gift. We’re including tattoos with every order, PLUS giving you $5 off any order. That includes our bandanas, Rosie employment badge collar pins, posters, DIY portrait and costume kits.

But we have a limited supply of tattoos, so act now. At Halloween, we ARE Rosie the Riveter Central, and our Rosie gear goes fast. Visit the store, and use coupon code ROSIE at checkout. You’ll see a line of blue text saying: “Apply shop coupon code.” Click on that and enter: ROSIE. Be sure to use ALL CAPS. You’ll save $5 and receive your free PAIR of Rosie tattoos.

And if you’re wondering whether or not WWII women with tattoos are historically accurate, check out this picture. There was a female tattoo artists in England who tatted up men and women both:

Halloween comes just once a year, and our tattoos won’t last long.

So order now, and have a Happy Halloween…on us!

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