Rosie the Riveter – A Modern Take

by Matilda Butler on April 7, 2019

Rosie the Riveter did what needed to be done. And in the doing, she supported America during World War II. And more than that, she supported other women. Some of these women were her co-workers, some were the daycare workers who looked after the children, some were roommates working different shifts, some were mothers and sisters. During WW2, women stood together to achieve unbelievable goals, knowing they could do it.

We decided to take a look at modern Rosie the Riveters. They are everywhere, in greater numbers and in more fields and occupations than would have been thought possible during WWII. And as we have seen, these women are standing strong. If you are on this website, then you are one of these strong women and you already support other women as they work to achieve personal and professional goals.

Rosie the Riveter Modern Day Collar Pin

During WW2, Rosie the Riveter proudly wore an employment badge on her collar. You’ve seen that collar pin in the “We Can Do It!” poster. But what might a modern-day Rosie wear? We hope you will agree with us that as an empowered woman, we think she would want to wear our new STAND WITH WOMEN enamel ribbon pin that lets everyone know just where she stands… The pin will show the world where you stand as well.

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Rosie the Riveter Modern Day Collar Pin

Our collectible feminist red and white polkadot ribbon pin was inspired by the Rosie the Riveter bandana. Rosie continues to stand for strong, empowered, courageous women. If Rosie were here today, we think this is the button she’d wear on her collar. And we bet she’d want her daughter to wear this pin as well.

You can show your attitude, your empowerment, your awareness with this ribbon pin.

Ribbon pins don’t change the world, but seeing a ribbon pin raises awareness of important issues. Standing with women and helping women achieve equality is one of those issues.

If you happen to be a pin collector — or know a pin collector — this is a great one to add to the collection of quality pins.


— Rosie the Riveter inspired ribbon pin
— 1 inch size — large enough to see, small enough to wear everywhere
— Durable, hard enamel with gold metal
— Designed by us and made to our high-standard specifications
— Attached with single post/butterfly clutch fastener
— Delivered on a full-color, commemorative card

Channel Your Inner Rosie with this Stand With Women Enamel Lapel Pin — After all, the Future is Female



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